What is a Private Real Estate Lender?

As a source of financing for real estate transactions, private real estate lenders play a vital role in supplying needed capital to real estate markets across the United States. Private real estate lenders settle on agreements with borrowers by providing capital in exchange for a higher-than-market rate of return over a predetermined term.

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What Is a No Doc Loan?

What Is a No Doc Loan? When applying for a traditional mortgage, applicants must provide proof of their income, employment history, credit score and credit history. They must also have a qualifying debt-to-income ratio. This can make it very difficult for some people to qualify for any type of mortgage, especially those with unsteady income or poor credit. No-doc mortgages

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Why Investors Use a Private Real Estate Lender

Why Investors Use a Private Real Estate Lender When considering the purchase of real estate, there are a variety of options for financing. One popular choice is to use a private real estate lender. Private lending institutions have become a major part of the real estate market, and are an attractive option for many reasons. Let’s dive in and see

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