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What Is a No Doc Loan?

What Is a No Doc Loan? When applying for a traditional mortgage, applicants must provide proof of their income, employment history, credit score and credit history. They must also have a qualifying debt-to-income ratio. This can make it very difficult for some people to qualify for any type of mortgage, especially those with unsteady income or poor credit. No-doc mortgages

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Why Investors Use a Private Real Estate Lender

Why Investors Use a Private Real Estate Lender When considering the purchase of real estate, there are a variety of options for financing. One popular choice is to use a private real estate lender. Private lending institutions have become a major part of the real estate market, and are an attractive option for many reasons. Let’s dive in and see

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Generate Wealth by Purchasing Distressed Properties​

Have you ever wanted to generate wealth through real estate? There are many ways to generate income in the real estate industry but buying distressed properties and flipping them can increase your capital in a short period of time. Real estate investment is all about timing; if you buy at the right time, price, and condition, then there’s a good

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